the wicker man pilgrim
Now here is a woman who knows what she is
doing!!!!Amanda Sunderland!!!If you ever visit the Isle of
Whithorn you must pop in and see Amanda,a very
talented artist.As you enter the Isle there is a sign saying
Burrowhead caravan park,just go past that turn and you
will see her studio on the right,well i say studio,its a shed
really but it does the job.There is all sorts of stuff in there,T
shirts,paintings,picture prints,posters,cards,straw on the
floor but i dont think thats for sale.Its not just wickerman
stuff either,all sorts!!She has very strong wickerman
connections aswell,She said her uncle was one of the
extras in the Green Man scenes sitting at the bar.All in all
a lovely woman and ive heard she makes a mean cup of
tea,she keeps promising to make me one and maybe the
next time i see her i'll get it.
On the right here you
can see some of her
paintings and prints.She
also frames the pictures
for you aswell.There are  
examples of her work on
the walls of the dinning
area of the Ellangowan
Hotel in Creetown.
Below is where it all happens!!!The studio/shed.Dont
forget though,blink and you will miss it.
has moved!!!
Not to far away though,just around
the corner infact.If you visit the
harbour you will find Amanda above
the fish mongers  as you can see on
the right.It even has carpet and  
heating,what a bonus!And no,she
does not smell of haddock.
Well it took a lot of hard work
and quite a few visits but i
finally got my cup of tea and
may i say it was worth waiting
for.She does make a nice
cuppa.If you do ever visit the
Isle go and get your free cuppa
too!!!!If you look closely below
you can see you can see the
Wicker Man drawn faintly on
the wall next to her studio.I
think we know who's done that.
On the right you can
see where it all
happens!!!Next time i
visit we might have a
table to put them on!