Just off the A75 you will come to a place called Creetown and at the
end of the high street just before you come to the clock tower on the left
hand side is The Ellangowan Hotel alias the interior of The Green Man.Run
by Bill Christie and his brother Tom it is almost unchanged since sgnt
Howie walked in all those years ago.There are some great pictures on the
walls around the hotel which Bill actually purchased from the British Film
Industry,over priced but well worth it.This is a must for any Wickerman fan
to visit.Although Creetown is pretty small there are quite a few things to
do there apart from drinking lots of guinness which i frequently like doing
every time i'm

there.The Gem Rock Museum is just up the hill opposite and a 2 minute
walk up the high street you will come to the Heritage Museum.There is
also a nature reserve not far away aswell.One of the nights we were
staying there  we were lucky enough to have a small group of musicians
having a jam in the bar,as i play guitar myself i had a jam with
them.brill!!!!!i think the atmosphere was very "land lords daughterish that
night,another good night had by all.Great hotel,great people.
The beer is flowing,the music is playing!!what more can
you ask for,apart from more beer and more
Here are some of the
fantastic pictures on
the wall of the filming of
The Wickerman.Also
there is a group of
pictures in a large
frame of Mr Woodward
when he came back a
few years ago,1998 i
think,25 years since the
film was made.
As you can see,not a
lot has changed in 33
As you can see below,i kept my appointment
with the Wickerman.I think thats about as close
as i will ever get anyway.
The Heritage
Museum is well
worth a visit.Its not
just Wickerman
stuff there,WW1
and WW2
own has got a lot
of history.
On my most recent visit to
Creetown i was told the
chip van has been outside
the Ellangowan for the
past few weeks and long
may it continue as fish and
chips are my favorite!!!!As
you can see i was very
pleased and what better
way to wash fish and chips
down with a few pints of
the wicker man pilgrim
On a more recent trip,feb 2010
Tom let me behind the bar to
pull a few,or just maybe the
A most famous landmark in
Creetown history,the clock
tower and a new addition next
to it,a stone ball with drawings
on it relating to Creetown"s
history,if you look closely.
UPDATE,OCTOBER,2010!!!!Singalongawickerman came to the
Ellangowan on Friday 8th october and what a great nite,even
better was the appearance of non other than Robin Hardy.A
superb nite had by all and many thanks to David Bramwell and
Eliza Skelton
for a fantastic show..
Gently Johny
rigs out at the
on 8th oct.
On the 9th oct,the saturday nite,we had a local folk duo give us about 3 hours
of some great folk songs with help from some of the crowd!!!!
Can"t go wrong here,Andy on the bongos and
me on the whistle!!!
The guys working hard and the locals having a
good time too!!!!!