Culzean Castle was used for the exterior of  Lord
Summerisle"s castle.I have recently been to
Culzean,nov 2006,and it really is a great place to
visit.From Creetown it took us about 1 hour to
get there,and its a nice drive aswell.Again we
picked a good day for a pilgrimage.
the wicker man pilgrim
On the day in November we
went to the castle the interior
was not open to the public but
nevertheless the gardens more
than made  up for it.The
scenery around the grounds
are beautifull and well worth a
visit even if you are not a WM
fan.There is also a very nice
restaurant in the courtyard
with a giftshop and a very  
small theatre.
Although Ian,on the right,is not as mad about
the WM as i am,he enjoyed himself in Scotland
and is planning on coming with me again in the
early part of next year,2007.He will be
converted!!!!!We also play in the same rock band
and have done for the past 6 years.Look on the
link section to find out more about the band.