the wicker man
hi there,my name is Martin Griffin,i am 39 from Birmingham England
and i am the Wickerman pilgrim and as you probably gathered, like
yourselves i am a big Wickerman fan.It is the best cult/horror film
ever,i dont think i will get any arguments there will i???????.How did
it all start?well after watching the film for the 100th time i thought
to myself what a great idea it would be to go and visit
Summerisle,as we all know that, at the start of the film, it says thank
you to the people of Summerisle for the cooperation in the making
of the film so of i trot to my computer and punch in summerisle in
goggle having thought it was a real place where people
lived?????????,well i found out to my surprise it wasnt!!But what i
did find is that there were quite a few different locations all along
the south west coast of Scotland that were used in the making of
the film.I had never been to Scotland before so i took it upon myself
to visit as many of these locations  as possible and become a pilgrim
to my cause.The first thing to do after reading up on the
information provided was to book myself,the wife,mother in law
and the 2 kids into the Ellangowan hotel in Creetown and map out
my pilgrim route to all these places.As you will see throughout the
website i have been to most of the places in the past 18 months
and its been brill but dont forget my pilgrimage is on going so keep
login on to keep up with my travels and ive got to say what a
beautiful place Scotland is and all the people who live there.Many
thanks for looking at the website,and many thanks to Amanda
Sunderland for the inspiration.All the best...............martin!!