Here on the right you can see Howie
searching for Rowan.As ever with the WM
locations not a lot has changed in all the
years since filming.
Here we can see what is now The High St
Gallery which was then May Morrison's sweet
All of the chase scenes with Oak and Howie
were filmed along this stretch of high st.The
archways and alleyways can easily be
identified,as you can see again its like going
back in time,nothing has changed!!
In The Directors Cut version of
the film you can see Howie and
his wife attending church on
the mainland.Greyfriars
Episcopal Church was the
location for this.
The toll booth was clearly seen
in the  film.It was the meeting
place for the start of the May
Day parade.
Kirkcudbright is yet  another location found just
off the A75 and well sign posted.Every time ive
been there it seems a very busy town for its
size.Having said that there are lots of places of
interest and picturesque places to see.Quite a
lot of the scenes were filmed here as you can
see by the photos.
the wicker man pilgrim
On my latest trip to Kirkudbright,Nov 2006,i was very
fortunate to get access to the interior of Greyfriars.It
was a bit of luck really because we arrived there about
10.30am on the Friday and there was a service taking
place at 11.00am and the rev Peter Taylor was already
there so we just walked in. I introduced myself and
explained to him that i am a very big fan of the WM
film.What a nice guy.He was more than helpfull.As you
can see by the photos there was a bit of restoration
work going on at the time so he gave me permission to
go up the scaffold and get some fantastic shots.This
was a great opportunity to get some "one off "pictures
of the interior that has never been seen before at that
angle!!Once again many thanks to the Rev Peter
Below is the Steam Packet Inn.The
scenes shot here unfortunately did not
make the final edit of the film.