Plockton and Skye are the furthest of the WM locations.Skye was
used in the opening credits where Howie was flying over
Summerisle,The Old Man of Storr is clearly visible from howie"s
plane.I finally got to go to Plockton and Skye in oct,2010,it was a
long wait but it was worth it,what a great place!!!As ever,not a
lot has changed,as in all the WM locations time seems to stand
still which is great news for any would be pilgrims!!.We spent 5
days in the Plockton hotel and i must say i would recommend it to
anyone,great food and lots of malt whiskey"s.On all my trips to
Scotland,if you need to find out about the WM film ASK THE
LOCALS,they are all a mind of information!!!Enjoy the page!,we
had a fantastic time doing it
the wicker man pilgrim
What a great pair of
models,Joel and Amber,as ever
posing for the camera.The pic
was taken from the Plockton  
hotel which is next to the
building with the original
window on the right and i must
say this is one of my favourite
Then and now,only difference is
a few bushes and trees!!!
Just to the left of the Plockton hotel opposite the houses
lies the location where howie lands his plane and asks to
be picked up by the boat with the symbol of eye on the
side,(note,i was told that particular boat could still be
around but maybe next time i will find out where!!).As you
can see the only real modification on the house is the
extended bit on the front.Many thanks to Pam,who owns
the house,and has done for quite a few years now for
letting me and jule take the pics.
Wished i could have got
a boat out and got that
pic from there but it
was"nt to be!
Sgnt Howie on his way to find
Rowan and me on the way to the
If you ever get to go to the Old Man Of Storr
make sure you go when its not raining,believe
me its not nice as you can see!!!All good fun
though.The Isle of Skye is a very picturesque and
beautiful place.We would have liked to explore
more of the island but did not  get time
Its a very long walk to the Storr and its all up hill.Make sure you
have the right boots and other equipment unlike my sister in law
Karen who followed me up in heeled womens boots and a brolly
that really did not work!
In the end the weather beat
me.I went as far as i could before
Karen and Joel had to call the
mountain rescue.If i ever get the
chance to go to Skye again  i will
make sure i get to the top!!!!