the wicker man pilgrim
Over the past 2 years i've been on  my pilgrimage my
family and friends have also enjoyed going to
Scotland.Everytime i do go there is always someone new
who wants to come with me and enjoy the south west
coast.As a tribute to all the pilgrim apprentices here is
the pilgrim scrapbook,  just a few photos of the many
great memories,enjoy!!!!!
Can you guess who's bum
this is????
Andy is  inspecting the
damage done by the
Mark is taking it easy as usual.
Above you can see Ian on
his second trip,can't keep
him away now.
On the left is the next
Maz and Ian having a
pilgrim chat!!
On the right,the pilgrim and
the pilgrimettes
yet more
pilgrims,keith,tina,becka and liz
made their way to scotland to
keep their appointment or was
it just to sample the beer???bit
of both i think!!
On a more recent trip,feb 2010 i
came across another pilgrim
lurking in the Ellangowan,David
Straughton from Workington.He
came all that way for one
night,must be as mad as
me,nice guy!!!
Mark just can"t keep his hands of
the Ellangowan staff!!!!
More pilgrimettes,Karen(sister in
law)Brenda(mother in  law)and
the wife.
Amber,Beka,Joel and Mark
enjoy a great day at ST Ninians